Different washing machine accessories and what they are used for

When you buy a washing machine, there are many different attachments and fixtures you get along with it.  These are given to optimize the performance of your washing machine while enhancing the quality of washing.  They are additional accessories that will help with the normal routine of your washing machine.  Given below are some of the commonly found accessories with every brand of washing machine and a brief look into how they are used.

Hose pipes: As the name suggests these are generally used for transferring water from your tap to the machine or for draining from the machine to the utility sink. They are generally removable and can be fixed easily to the machine and to the tap.  Generally these hoses are made of high quality rubber. But you can also get some of the products made of stainless steel which will add to the life of the hose pipes. These stainless steel ones can handle both hot and cold water and are resistant to breakage.  But most of the washing machines are delivered with the rubber hose and they are pretty good in the longevity too.

Machine covers: Worried about the exterior of the washing machine getting dirty?  Well, you can always get a machine cover which can protect the body of the machine from dust and humidity. The covers are designed in such a way that the washing machine performs efficiently even when the cover is on.  That is there are holes for the inlet and outlet of pipes making it easier for you to run the machine and yet keep it clean.  The covers have a water proof layer and are easy to remove for cleaning. They also make your machine scratch resistant and give an aesthetic appeal to your machine.

Trolley: This is to enable easier movement of your washing machine within your household. Also by putting your machine on a pedestal you are ensuring that the space below the machine is easily accessible for cleaning. So now, you don’t have to move the machine every time you want to clean under it. These trolleys come with an adjustable option making it the right fit for any kind of machine, whether it is a fully automatic or semi automatic and of any dimension. Generally made of iron, these are sturdy in built and have two lock and two plain wheels to ease the movement across the floor. They also get powder coated to ensure longevity and the locking mechanism ensures that the washing machine stays in one place.

Fixable utility box: An accessory which is taking shape in the recent times is the removable and easily fixable utility tray or utility box. This can be used to store your detergent and other stuff related to washing clothes. This helps better management of space which is a great gain in these modern times where space is of utmost importance.

Pedestal: You might find this more from the LG brand. It gives you a lift to the existing machine while also giving you extra space to store laundry materials. An effective way to improve better space management while getting additional storage space and the necessary elevation for your washing machine. The pedestal can easily hold up to 18 pounds of laundry supplies and the removable divider makes it easy to use and access. Some of the brands like Whirlpool also give you a dual set of drawers as part of the pedestal.

Lint filter: These are usually found on the side of the washing tub to collect the lint from the wash. They are easily removable and easy to clean too. There are also lint filters available for dryers so that the efficiency of the dryer is vastly improved and you can dry your clothes faster. This will ensure that lesser dirt and lint reaches the vents giving you a maximum working ability.

Tap Adapter: While the hose for inlet will fit to any tap for water supply, sometimes you would find it to be a tad shorter or a tad bit larger than the mouth of the tap. In such cases, it will help you to get a tap adapter. These are generally made of brass to ensure strong and longer lifetime. With adjustable screws you can fit this to any of the taps in your house and start using your machine easily.

All of the above are most commonly used washing machine fixtures across all brands of washing machines. There are also other supplementary products like washer cleaner which will keep your washer dry, clean and dirt free. Whirlpool provides two different products called Calfre and Scalegon, to remove the scale or thin film of dirt that accumulates inside the surface of your washing machine. LG offers products to better improve the washing cycle and so on.


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