HDFC Credit card IFSC code

Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC Bank Limited is India’s second largest private sector. Being one of the largest and popular bank, many people hold an account with this bank.

HDFC Credit card IFSC code

HDFC Credit cards IFSC code:

HDFC Bank offer different types of Credit cards to suit the demand of people. Credit card is a fantastic option that comes handy when you want to pay immediately for a purchase with no enough money in your bank account.

Talking about the advantages of the HDFC credit cards,

  • It can save you time and trouble of looking for an ATM to withdraw money to pay for your purchases.
  • You can track your expenses easily as it will be recorded in the digital statements.
  • You get the facility of obtaining instant cash.
  • HDFC often announces discounts, flier miles and many more incentives when you use their credit card to make purchases.

IFSC Code:

IFSC means, Indian Financial System Code which is an 11 character alphanumeric code. This is a unique ID assigned to each branch of a bank that facilitates interbank electronic funds transfer. Let us consider an example if you are having 3 accounts in HDFC bank but all three are in different branches then you will have different IFSC codes for each account.

Format of IFSC code:

An IFSC code would have 11 characters with first 4 letters representing the bank name, the fifth character would be a zero, the last six characters is unique and represents the individual branch.

For example, the IFSC code of Anand Vihar HDFC branch in Delhi is HDFC0001668. Here 001668 is the branch code.

Make payments for HDFC credit card:

Shopping is super exciting but paying your credit card bills would see the flip side. HDFC has well understood this pain and have come up with six easy options and they are

  • Pay through HDFC Net banking/ mobile banking.
  • ATM funds transfer
  • Auto pay
  • Cash/ cheque Payment
  • NEFT/Visa Money transfer.

When we consider the last option “NEFT/Visa Money transfer”, where in you don’t have a HDFC bank account but you hold a HDFC credit card similar to above discussed situation. If you want to make a payment to your HDFC credit card account electronically, use the IFSC code HDFC0000128 to make payment through NEFT. This is a wonderful facility that comes handy for non HDFC customers. There are about 49 banks affiliated to this and make sure to check whether your bank is listed in that facility.

After you make the payment, you would receive an acknowledgement confirming the same. In this option, caution should be exercised when you are punching in your credit card number. Though the bank asks you to enter the HDFC credit card number twice and also ask you check before authorising the payment, if you have entered the wrong number and have transferred the funds then you need to contact the HDFC customer care centre in order to solve this problem.

With the IFSC code now in play, you can pay your HDFC credit cards from any of your bank accounts.

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