Top loading vs front loading washing machines Energy Efficiency

Wash for Less with an Energy Efficient Washing Machine

What would we do without washing machines? Just think of the piles of dirty clothes in your laundry room right now. Can you imagine having to wash them all by hand?

Yes, washing machines are a wonderful invention. But, because of the amount of water and energy they use, they can also cost quite a bit to operate.

Luckily, you can save money without giving up your washing machine. Just buy a washing machine that’s more energy and water efficient.

Top loading vs. front loading washing machines.

Top loading washing machines can be found in most homes. They also tend to be cheaper than front loading washing machines. So, at first glance, a top loader might seem like the way to go.

However, while top loading models are cheaper, they also cost more to operate in the long run. That’s because top loading washing machines aren’t as energy or water-efficient as their front loading cousins. So, while front loading washing machines might be more expensive, they will end up costing you less over time.

Most front loading washing machines also extract more water from clothes during the spin cycle. And the more “wrung out” your clothes are, the less time they take, and the less energy they use, in the dryer.

Always check the Energy Guide label.

When comparing washing machines, always check the yellow Energy Guide label, which manufacturers are required to place on every refrigerator they make. Energy Guide labels will tell you how much electricity each washing machine will use in one year. The less energy a washing machine uses, the more money you’ll save on your electric bill.

Buy an Energy Star washing machine.

Energy Star appliances are more energy efficient and environment friendly than appliances that aren’t Energy Star certified. So, when making a new purchase, always consider buying Energy Star appliances.

Compared to standard washing machines, Energy Star washing machines use 50% less energy. Which will add up to huge savings over time.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide whether the load of clothes you’re washing is small or medium, large or extra large. You don’t want to use a setting that’s too small, because that can cause your machine to do a lot of knocking and jumping. But, if you regularly use settings that are larger than you need, that’s gallons of water going to waste.

There are washing machines available that use sensors to determine the size of a load of dirty clothes, and then add the appropriate amount of water to the washing machine to accommodate that load.

Washing machines that come with this feature can cost more. But, with it, you can always be sure you’re not using too much or too little water for the current load of dirty clothes.

For most people, washing machines are a necessity. And, by choosing the right kind of washing machine, you will save water, and end up paying less on your electric bills.

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